Seems december is lackluster

It seems other than some fabulous Infiniti car deals and some SoCal deals, there aren’t that many terrific deals to be hacked this month. Might be a few Jeep deals as well. Did I miss anything. Any opinions on this. Thanks!

i agree, this December is soft. Car companies seem to have learned from their past mistakes (offering low MF and high RV).

feds raised rates too.

I agree, I’ve been probing vw dealers here in Colorado and nobody seems too desperate to move anything. I was asking one dealer to quote me on a passat that has been sitting on the lot for a year and they weren’t even close to the sheet posted on here by a so cal dealer. I’ve still got time on my lease so I’m waiting. Nothing seems particularly stellar right now. Oh and when GM is doing employee pricing for everyone, no employees buy that month because it’s really mediocre deals for everyone.

Wait till the market crashes; Feds will stop raising the rates.

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It’s almost all on luxury brands with higher profit margins. Audi, Maserati, Land Rover are all offloading 2018s but not any widespread amazing deals.

Jeep GC had $5k+ incentives on certain trims in some states.

Feds have already signaled fewer rate increases in 2019. However, it’s more based on customer and capital spending than just the market indexes.