Seeking Opinions: Worth It To Sell My Leased Car If I Can Make The Drive Off $ for New Car Lease?

Lots of people are selling their cars to Carmax, Carvana, etc.
My 2019 Mercedes Glc300 lease matures in October 2021.
I have always loved the Gle350, but I know that it does not compare to the Glc300 and does not lease “as well” (glc has better money factor).
If I can sell my Glc300 (have the lease bought out) and make the couple of thousand dollars EXTRA (left over after MB financial gets paid off), which will cover my DRIVE OFF for the new GLE350 lease- wouldn’t I be “ahead”?
I have to pay similar amount for Drive Off if I were to wait until the end of my current lease when I lease the new car later anyhow and it will be $2500 that I would not get if I sold my car now?
I feel like that extra $2500 can justify me paying the higher monthly payments on the new gle350 lease.

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