Seeking Feedback: American Large 3-row SUVs

Small adults can be your friend. I have sat in the back of a Carnival and owned a Yukon XL. There is no comparison.

To each his/her own, and the last time I checked a Kia Carnival was not a “American truck-based SUVs (standard and long wheelbase)” by any measure.

It’s almost like the manufacturer provided specs on legroom, which show the Carnival having pretty comparable leg room to the Yukon XL, are accurate.

Minivans are more practical. I should have one. Of course I don’t. I have an SUV. Nothing wrong with not wanting a minivan but their practicality is hard to beat. If you don’t need the body on frame capacity of a truck based SUV, getting one involves usability trade offs


Minivans are…minivans.

Im all for people getting what they want. It seems like a 4x4 platform here is a desirable feature, which basically precludes all minivans. Im just disagreeing with the notion that there’s significantly more space in the full size long wheelbase suvs.


Screenshot 2024-06-10 at 9.34.31 AM


Yeah I think your best bet is a slightly used GMT T1XX platform with the magnetic ride control and air suspension. Of course those suspension options are only on the top trims, so it’ll be rather expensive still.

Edit: Here’s an example of one… assuming the dealer in Houston isn’t pulling some absolute BS, this Escalade Premium Luxury has the adaptive air suspension and magnetic ride control. It has less than 10k miles and also lacks the sport-appearance/onyx packages that tend to drive up the price for no friggin reason.

Original MSRP (which these still sell for out here in California) was $98k. They’re listing $86k.