Search is being a bit wonky for Genesis

I did a Market Place Search for All Genesis
and came up with 3 posts.

Then I did a ‘Search’ in Marketplace for Genesis and one extra shop popped up (Omega)
(The others forgot to Tag Genesis)

Can you see why Omega didn’t show up on a generic genesis search?

It shows up on mine.

Did you click away the “CA-SoCal” tag in the tag filter field on the upper-left hand corner right above the banner ad?

I purposefully clicked the So Cal Off, to see all the Genesis

Btw I did what you said and Omega is still missing.
Is there a flag to ignore a topic or something and that’s why it doesn’t come up on searches?
Edit : In fact Omega doesn’t show up on any of my marketplace Searches anymore.
There must be a weird ‘hide Omega’ setting even though I bought my last car from them.

Omega shows up here, ChromeOS.

Yah its weird, i checked the block list and theres nothing there.

Its on my two devices so its related to my account somehow

Try signed out.
BTW, which if any extensions are you using?

Nothing on the ipad, nothing on the phone, i lost count on the pc.

Logged out and in on the phone, still no omega

I’d next toggle the VPN, if you run thru one.

Pc on vpn, ipad a d phone are not

Edit logged out and it appears, logged in and poof gone.

I dont have anything under ignored users, it might be some hidden setting or corruption of my user?