Scored a great deal on 2016 INFINITI QX60

Just wanted to share to the forum readers that I was able to get a great lease deal on a 2016 Infiniti QX60 with Premium/Premium Pkg for $2500 down and $425 month. Lease term was 39/10K. Been reading the forums the last few months and the tips on here have been very helpful to me, so I just wanted to share my deal with the readers, I’m located in Los Angeles.

how much off msrp?how much were the incentives? what was the residual and mf? thanks

I can get the the exact numbers off the lease contract for you when I get home. It was approximately $7K off the MSRP, and there were no dealer incentives at the time of purchase (late July). The monthly payment of $425 included tax btw. Current MF and Residual for the 2016 Infiniti QX60 is .00098/58% for 39/10 for all drive trains.

Fyi I got 2016 QX60 premium plus 39month 15k/yr $2500 down for $385 including tax at Riverside Infiniti couple months ago

Can you please tell me the salesman name so I can check with them? Thanks in advance.

Harry @ Riverside infiniti

Just pulled the trigger on 2016 QX60 with Premium and Premium Plus. MSRP of car is $49,240. My payment is $341 + 8% Tax = $369 for 39/12 with $0 Down. I was able to get $9,240 off MSRP. Total drive off was $3169 which included $2400 in MSDs(6 MSDs). I’m in SoCal.

are you be able to give dealer and sales man’s name. also your contract maybe. so i can match that with local dealer.

Bought it from Harry at Riverside Infiniti. I did get extra $750 discount because of their VPP program. Ask them if your employer participates in Nissan VPP program.

We need deals like this on the east coast.

Can you please share the dealer worksheet?
I would like to try matching it at my local dealer.
Thanks !