Scion IA for $695 down. $96 a month

Lease Calculator

Sales Price:15059
Taxed Incentives :1500 ( 750 cash rebate. 750 college grad)
Untaxed Incentives:0
Down Payment:0
Acquisition Fee:650
Net Capitalized Cost: $14,209
Miles/yr: 12,000
Money Factor: .00023
Monthly Payment (Excl. Tax): $90
Document Fee:80
License/Registration Fee: 400
Sales Tax:7.5%
Monthly Payment (incl. tax): $96
Drive Off: $695
First month’s payment incl. tax: $96
Down payment: $0
Total MSD payment: $0
Registration and doc fee: $480
Tax on cap cost reduction and fees: $119
Leasehackr Score:16.3 years
Disposition Fee:350
Total Lease Cost: $4,013

Welcome, @blaidrunner! Thanks for sharing.

Scion has always had stellar residual values, but discounts were minimal because of their no-haggle policy. But with the brand coming to an end, it seems like dealers are discounting them like any other Toyota. Now is a good opportunity to combine the high residuals with big discounts off MSRP – a good recipe for a great lease!

Numbers for the sample above look about right, with the exception of incentives: the $750 cash is for purchases only. License/registration will likely be less (about $200 in CA) since this is an inexpensive car.

Is this a deal you’re aiming for? Let us know how it goes!

I was just sharing. I saw in Folsom CA, a dealer advertising it at that price and wondered what it would be on a lease. That is unfortunate about the $750 only being for purchases.