SCE and PSEG offers $10,000 towards purchase of an i3

I’m going to apologize ahead of time if this is a repost since this article was in the beginning of the month.

If you are an SCE customer - SCE will discount $10,000 off the negotiated price of the PURCHASE of a new BMW i3.

Not to mention a $450 fuel rewards program from edison and on top of that your federal and state for another combined total of $10,000 for a Grand total of $21,450 off an i3 purchase.

But yea- It’s towards a PURCHASE.

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Are you sure it’s off the negotiated price? There was a similar program by SDG&E, but I think it was off MSRP.

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Yes- see the PDF here-

Not a bad deal then. A $45k version can be had for about $20k.

$45k MSRP - 10% dealer discount - $10k SCE discount - $7500 federal rebate - $2500 CRVP rebate - $450 SCE rebate = $20,050.

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Check your math… you forgot that state rebate in there.

Thanks. Forgot to list it, but final value was correct.

FWIW, in New Jersey PSEG is offering a similar 10k rebate, purchase only too.

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Forgot to include that in my title. Thanks for reminding me.

Seems like a killer deal if someone can get every single incentive, tax rebate and state incentive back…too many variables if one doesn’t come through.

So, looking at a 2018 i3 in my area for the heck of it in NJ it looks like BMW is offering 10k cash back at the moment through corporate. Would anyone know if that would stack with something like this? I’ve never even thought to seriously look at something like this, but theoretically you’d be looking at 27,500 off before negotiating if you stack 10k from BMW, 10k from the electric company and 7.5k federal, if that rebate is applied at time of purchase, all with zero tax.

Rebate form states cannot be combined, has anyone worked one of these deals? Looking at a 17’ model year.

NJ doesn’t have a state specific rebate that I know of though, just zero sales tax.

I meant the rebate form says it cannot be combined with other offers. Sorry for confusion. Just wondering which of the following if any can be used

DEALER ALLOWANCE - must have fewer than 300 mi on odo
$5,000 cash back
Applies to select new 2017 BMW i3 and i3 with Range Extender.
Offer only valid 2-06-2018 through 2-28-2018

Manufacturer Offers
$10,000 cash back on select BMW models

Financing Offer : $5,000 cash back on select BMW models

  • Disclaimer(s)
    Cash only available on vehicles with 9,999 or fewer odometer miles and must be the 1st consumer retail. (See Trims)

Dagnabbit you’re right… No retired loaners either. Doesn’t say anything about demos though. Basically it just gives you the corporate rebate without qualifying for corporate I guess.

I think the 5k to the dealer and 5k finance offer may combine. Dealer gets the 5k either way i believe. The 5k finance is not so clear. Need someone with BMW market support expertise to weigh in.

That’s how I read it as well. It’s an alternate path into the Corporate discount program, nothing special.

UCI grads get corporate discount along as the education discount (contingent on 2 years after graduating or prior to 6 months). On top of that $500 for BMWCCA. That’s an added $2k off right there.