Saw this Unicorn 🦄️ BMW 19 440 GC deal $159+tax? 2K DAS

Got an email from Stevens creek BMW this morning:
19 440 GT 159+tax,
2k DAS?

If this is true, NorCal hackers are in luck!

Something must be wrong there :slight_smile:

That is most definitely supposed to say $4995.

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Hah! I’ve seen some pretty good 4 series deals posted here recently but I wish good luck to anyone contacting the dealer for that! $289 maybe, but $189 noooope.

“1 at this price…”.

Guaranteed that car is “gone” upon arrival.

Gone or not, they’re going to be getting a massive amount of calls

I am among them. This is too good to pass up.

spoke to the dealer. This car is already gone. Sold on the 11th of May apparently lmao


You’re telling me a dealership advertised a specific stock # for a 72 hour sales event from 5/17-5/19 despite knowing full well it had already sold on 5/11? Shocker :laughing:


That coupe isn’t the worst offer either, effective payment of ~$397 ($189 + $5000/24 = $208). Though it says you must have BMW loyalty to qualify for that pricing.

MSD would help it lower as well, hmm

Must already be sold lmao

Doesn’t include tax and license, though. That’ll bump dues and monthly a pretty fair amount.

Oops my bad, I read “total due at lease inception” and glazed over the rest

So I guess that’s the new phrase replacing “down payment” ?

Not sure. It probably includes dealer fees and some CCR. I never trust or pay any attention to dealer ads. If dealers don’t honor them, why would I? :wink:

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That X2 is a reverse unicorn…

That’s finance :slight_smile:

my bad…

True statement.

These dealer ads are nothing more than a gimmick to get people in the store/online leads. Rarely, if ever are they worth the paper printed on.

Like they say…”if it’s too good to be true…”

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