Sanity Check - Fiat 2024 500e Lease Crazy High

Oh man… this is exactly what I went through last month. I leased the mini se electric and am extremely happy with it so far. I just couldn’t believe the lease rates for the 500e…

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Yes, sure, your lease can exceed the duration of the manufacturer’s warranty. And you’ll be on the hook for all issues with the car, as it’s out of warranty. :slight_smile:

Other than battery, it’s still 4 yr/50k. Tires are also your responsibility. Manufacturers do state what are the minimum conditions the vehicle is in upon return. That includes tires, no warning lights, etc.

That’s why you don’t see high mileage/long duration leases; no one wants to be stuck with the costs of something you don’t own :joy:

Yeah it’s funny, Stellantis is basically giving away Dodge Hornets (they’d have to) but charging crazy premiums on Fiat 500’s… I’m not sure what their executive team is smoking right now (got any more back there? lol)

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Super useful information! Thanks!!

Out of curiosity, I contacted a couple of Fiat dealers around the Denver area.

One dealer quoted approximately $550, and another quoted $350 for a 24/7.5K lease with $0 down. Insane.

The good thing is, this price doesn’t include the Colorado State rebate. :blush:

Does anyone know the money factor (MF) for this cute car? :red_car:

And any one pay reduction?

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