Same Platform - So nice and then so ugly

Many vehicles over the years have shared the same platform. Recent ones such as a Macan and Q5 both look nice for their intended buyers. I’m not sure how the Telluride can be a stunner and then the Palisade looks more like a Traverse than anything else. Camaro / Firebird (hahaha), Expedition / Navigator, Miata / Fiat, etc…

Aztek and Rendezvous, oh wait they are both ugly!


Very true. Cutlass Sierra and Celebrity!!!

I prefer the palisade to the telluride personally. Telluride looks like a cheap ford explorer.

Palisade is definitely polarizing, but it’s at least different.

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IDK what’s so stunning about the Telluride?

Anyway everything is in the eye of the beholder so I don’t understand the OP’s point.


They’re both FF based so already inferior.

I think the Pontiac Vibe and Toyota Matrix were the best example of this across manufacturers (albeit built under the same roof).

The early 2000s Cayenne and Touareg were not quite identical cousins.

Was it the original Honda Passport and Mitsubishi Montero that were both built by Mitsu just different badges?

Lots of permutations of this.

The old Honda Passport was a rebadged Isuzu Rodeo.


That’s right! What a glorious rust bucket.

Oh and @jeisensc, you can’t forget about the “Luxurious” Trooper… the SLX!

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I forgot about the SLX - good find. Both were really good off road. Trooper has kind of a cult following I believe.

Of course, all preference to styling is subjective. I prefer blocky to bulbous, but fat girls need love too…

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I prefer what my friend always said, “all the flowers need watering, even the ugly ones”

Charity cuts all ways.

Fun history, before the Vibe/Matrix, Toyota and GM had the Toyota Corolla and Geo Prism siblings. They were built at the NUMMI plant, which is now a Tesla factory.

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I’m sad that the VW SUV line up is so poor in the US, especially given how SUV crazy it is here. We just get the Tiguan and it’s woeful 184 bhp (yes I know that’s perfectly acceptable for most) but Europe gets the Tiguan R (and rumoured GTI) and it’s platform mates the Cupra Ateca and Škoda Karoq are awesome. Who wouldnt’ want a bargain SQ5 or X3M40i ? They look awesome.

Screenshot 2020-05-07 at 22.53.18

I would absolutely kill if the Cupra ateca made it to the states. That car slaps.

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