Salespeople AMA?

There might be a topic about AMA already but that might be cool for a post.

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I was thinking about this today actually lol I’d be down for a leasehackr / salesperson AMA

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That’s funny… a kid who started selling cars at 18 (he’s now 23) with Mercedes just did an AMA on Reddit…

Are you thinking something for the main site? You could certainly make a thread, I recall an Audi dealer here doing one and a lot of questions came in.

I had to look up AMA. I was fairly certain you didn’t mean American Medical Association. ;b


Maybe he offers assistive devices for cars for those with disabilities :grin:


You can create a thread in off ramp

Yup, here was the AMA by @IvanAudi:

Have you been offered “favors” in exchange for a great deal?

Not me personally but a coworker has. I was once offered 10lbs of pistachios if I got a sales manager to agree to an absolute giveaway of a deal on an Escalade. Made the deal and secured the pistachios :peanuts:


Thanks for sharing

Pistachio currency is all the rage!

Move over bit coin

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It has happened to me more than twice that I went in asking for couple of cars(same packages but different color) and both the times they said ohh the 1st car got sold 5 mins back. I think that’s just more than coincidence but maybe it actually got sold.
Do sales people do this intentionally to move a particular stock ?

No. salespeople don’t care what car sells unless it has some type of spiff (bonus money put on it by the sales management team). To be completely honest a lot of times cars sell out from under us. Chances are we’re more pissed about it than the customer is.

That or the salesperson is lazy and doesn’t want to go pull another car up so they tell you it sold.

This looks like a fun thread

100% not to do.

what’s the discussion like when sales guy go and talk to sales manager ? He is gone for a long time and I always wonder what do they discuss. is sales guy trying to convince manager to sell me the car so he can make commission or it just tactics to make me wait long outside.

Usually sales managers have multiple salespeople at the desk, so we have to wait in line to talk to the sales manager. You’d be surprised how busy they get at times. That would be the primary reason, not a sales tactic of any kind.

Also, if you’re asking for a crazy deal the salesperson is probably begging the desk manager to make the deal or get him as close as possible. Once a salesperson is at a mini they could give a damn what it sells for back of that, they just want to make something.

How often or if ever do you guys get secret shoppers sent by the manufacturers?

Varies by brand.

Happened quite a bit when I was the internet sales director at a large Cadillac store. They would audit your emails to make sure it included certain criteria (usually once a month). In person audits were less frequent but happened twice in my 8 months at that store.