Sales tax on lease buyout in VA, dealer vs AFS

Approaching my end of lease in 10 days.
I have decided to keep the car. I leased it new. It has only 17k miles in 3 yrs on it.

I paid sales tax @4.15% on the purchase price.

The residual is ~ $21k. I will be financing through DCU

Acura financial services says I’ll have to pay sales tax (~$900) on residual value.

Other acura dealer said I should go to the original dealer to avoid paying sales tax.

Original acura dealer mentioned the same. I am pretty sure they’ll charge a fee almost equal to the sales tax.

I am not sure how what’s the best approach to pay minimum taxes/fees

You should not be paying sales tax again when buying your car out. They may be talking about PPT that you will owe to Acura because [I guess] they pay your county and then bill you.


Should I ignore the dealer and just pay it off online?
I am afraid there might be some sales tax I owe at the time of transferring the title. Is this paperwork generally straightforward or do I need to do some tricks to avoid paying taxes incorrectly

That I can’t tell you. Contact AFS and ask. They probably will estimate your PPT, so you may be overpaying. See if they postpone your payment until they get the actual bill from the county. The dealer has nothing to do with this, you are buying from AFS.

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Update: Got the paperwork done with the DMV for $15.

The sales person at the dealership repeatedly kept saying I don’t have to pay sales tax only if I go through the dealership with a dealership fee of $800.(900 vs 800 tradeoff for me) The person who does less talking and more signing papers mentioned I was not required to pay taxes any way (0 vs 800 tradeoff) just like Ursus here.

Not trusting dealership sales people anymore

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