Sales Tax Calculation in CT - Levied on Sales Price or Monthly?

I have searched this forum and googled the internet. No definitive answer. Can anyone provide answer?

Monthly payment (20 char)

Plus property (car) taxes every year.

Plus Sales Tax on ALL rebates…

How is property tax handled for CT residents. Will leasing company pay or will they pass on the bill to lessee?

I have yet to see a leasing company pay property tax out of its own pocket. They will pass the bill on to you.

Chrysler cap will pay the taxes for the year then add it to your bill, you can chose to pay it at the end of your lease or as soon as it’s charged, I generally pay them as it’s charged just to be safe. My brothers last 3 leases were through Ally and they did the same thing. He would wait and pay all 3 years of taxes at lease turn in.