S90 Lease and CT6 Lease

Hi everyone, I need some help.

Below is a lease offer I was given on an S90 T6 Mom.

MSRP: 61290
Selling price: 52970
Includes $6750 in Volvo cash
Residual: 54%
MF: .000108

Final payment: $585 w/ 1500 due at signing on. 36/10 lease. I don’t think this is very good at all. Problem is, I have asked multiple dealers for a 10% dealer discount prior to incentives and they don’t want to. Coming up with a whole story of how they don’t make money so I would feel bad for them. I have asked dealers in Michigan and Chicago area and they won’t budge. Is there something I am missing here? Are there good dealers that would be willing to work with me to get a decent deal on the car?

In addition, I know what I am about to say is missing all sorts of info, but I wasn’t at the dealer for very long. A 2018 CT6 luxury (msrp around 67k) demo with 4500 miles. Asking for $499+tax per month with $1000 due at signing. I don’t have any other info but this seems a bit high considering it’s a demo.

Some areas have very low T6 inventories.

Also, I think sweet spot on the T6 MOM lease is 24 months this month with a 64% residual on 24/10.


Unless you are in a full tax state, which you are not :slight_smile:

Very true. Where was that thread about registering all vehicles in Montana to reduce tax burden (j/k)…