S63 convertible lease - thoughts?

I wanted to get the s63 convertible on a lease in Louisiana.

I wanted input on whether or not it would be a good idea? I read that the model will be discontinued from 2021 onwards so I believe this is the last year for this, would that drive the price up? down?

It’s either that or a BMW M8 convertible.
I know that is significantly cheaper but unsure for the best bang for the buck type of thing.
I read multiple reviews on different platforms, most stated the technology, the design, etc in the s63 is superior to the m8 and I guess that is why the price reflects it.

Thanks for your input

S63 is an amazing vehicle. But they are very expensive vehicles.

M8 and S63 both will depreciate a lot. So keep that in mind when buying the vehicle.

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M8s are still a fantastic value. @IAC in Texas is a great POC if you’re shopping for either.

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Did you find out RV and MF for the S63? You can see the monthly payment yourself.

I’m guessing S63 monthly will be almost twice as an M8.