S 560 cabriolet

Year: 2018
Mercedes, S560 Cabriolet (convertible)
36 months/ 10000 miles

I am looking for a good deal on the 2018 mercedes s 560 cabriolet. Most dealerships are only removing $5000 from the msrp. My family member asked me to find him a good deal, and I want to make him happy. Could you guys please share your wisdom on what I should do and how much I should expect to pay for the sales price if the car is $147000 msrp.

On a lease? I’ve seen the S450 advertised from a broker for $949 + taxes and fees to get some idea. I’d expect the S560 to be somewhere around $1500 or even more. I have no idea what that translates into as far as discount though.

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Any S Class Coupe/Cab will be hard to get a good deal on unless you’re able to somehow get the dealer to drop about $30,000 off the sales price.
Start by contacting dealers and see who is willing to play ball, or pay a broker to do it for you.

Better to wait till end of year or early next year for the 2018’s.

Any tips on how I should go about this.

You should get in contact with a broker to be honest. Their fees are either nil or low and they do the work and negotiation for you.

By waiting a bit like I said earlier.