Rx350L premium - AWD North cali

Hi there,

I got this quote from the dealer is there any room to push ?

MSRP 58,711$
selling price: 49,695$
RV 57% - 33,465$
MF .00050
10k miles/year, 36 months
monthly payment 564$ include tax
DAS 1600$ (first month + upfront fees + taxes…)


How many quotes have you gotten?

Discount looks too good to be true, but the monthly doesn’t sound right with that discount. I bet it’s including rebates? You should be shooting for 12% before rebates, base MF and applying max MSDs.

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correct that include the rebate. Discount only 7K(12%)

so far 2 responses of 6 dealers requested in North CA, this is the best

You need to reach out to at least 10 including LA and OC

monthly payment seem inline with LH calculator right ?

Incentives are taxed. Maybe the L are less desirable and you can get a bigger discount. When I got my F-Sport, 12% was super hard to get. Also apply 6 MSDs.

So the rebates are no tax? I should put it under ‘cap cost adjust and Untaxed Incentives’? In LH calculator

Signed the lease with 500$ monthly payment with 0 down max MSD.
Thank you everyone!

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