RUT-25-LSE - Tax form for IL

I am leasing a Car out of state and looking for the above form can anyone share it? or do I really need to collect from the DMV?

Normally, you would get it from the DMV. You can call 1-800-356-6302 or email the state (Questions, Comments, or Requests - Revenue) to get it in advance.

You need the actual form since it has sequential code on the top. Just call IL revenue or leave an inquiry on their website. They’ll get back to you and you can ask them for the form; mailed it to me in 2 days.

You need to original paper form - your local DMV will have it

I filled it out but the local DMV suggested to fill the one they gave out. It’s a easy process. You’d need to call revenue to figure out your taxes. You only pay the difference.

Get a letter from the lender stating you paid $x,xxx sales tax to “State”

Question: Are you moving the car to IL ? Or leasing a new car ?

  1. Lease contract - copy is okay
  2. Out of state registration
  3. Letter from lender stating you paid $x,xxx taxes to XYZ-state
  4. Copy of title - digital printed one is okay
  5. 2 proof of address in IL
  6. Tax form filled out with a check/money order

I think that’s all you need

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