Running credit, can't be done online?

I’m trying to get a car from out of state. I want them to run my credit and give me a final quote before I book my flight. They say that they can’t run my credit until I sign at the dealership. Is this shady or is that how it works? Working with Faith Toyota in VT.

Yeh that’s preposterous

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Sounds like they want to stick it to me, hahaha. No thanks!

Ask them why this exists :slight_smile:


Yeah, I filled that out and they say “you’re pre-approved”, it’s a joke.

Are you concerned about your chances of approval or potentially landing in a lower tier?

Lower tier or for them to strong-arm me into a hiked up rate because I’ve come from so far. I just don’t want to leave anything up in the air.

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Guess they don’t want a risk of shooting to multiple banks

If your credit is strong I wouldn’t sweat it. The less true that is, the more concerned I’d be.

On the deal I flew in to pick up last summer, they didn’t pull our credit until two minutes before we sat down in the finance office.

I knew about the “OAC” dependency to get the deal I had (including MF) in writing, but it didn’t occur to me to worry about it due to the strength of our credit files.

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Are you trying over the phone or email? If email, try phone call. Many dealers can run credit over the phone with your permission on a recorded line, where state laws allow.

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Whatever deal they give you I can likely beat by $2000+. So just lmk if you need a quote. I assure you that you will do credit before you pick up from here. I’m in philly area so $500ish to ship to you.

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I’m after the Prius Prime $4,500 cash in NE regions

Can’t help with that one.

More than likely they are going to try to SHOP you around on that day. And tried to pigeon hole you into a bad rate. Sounds like the dealer is sorta scammy.

Anyone could try a bait-n-switch regardless of the strength of the customer’s credit.

I thought anything over 700 was A+…amiright?

That is correct

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There’s a 0% chance I would ever get on a plane to pickup a car without the contract having already been signed


Doesn’t pass the sniff test. Hard pass.


They could also disembowel him when he shows up to get the car.

For me it would depend on what this means:

I wouldn’t get on a plane without having every detail of the deal in writing, but if “OAC” is the only dependency, much of the risk is what kind of a train wreck the consumer’s credit file is.

Perhaps @roly can clarify if there’s anything else that isn’t understood about the deal.