Run-Flat Tires Factory Warranty Against Road Hazards (From Tire Manufacture)


Just wanted to let everyone know about this for people whos car come with run flats from the factory (BMW, Alfa Romeo, Etc.) for Road Hazards.

Check with the manufacture but the tires are warrantied from the tire manufacture for generally a year and the first 2/32 of wear (depending on the manufacture). I had never know about this and BMW definitely didnt tell us about this.

We got a screw in the tire and since manufactures generally dont recommend repairs they replaced the tires under the Road Hazard warranty that come with the run flats for FREE. Wasnt a dealer extra but for runflats its a common thing that comes from the factory for the 1st year.

Thought this could be helpful for someone else, saved me $250 for my tire.


That’s cool, but if you need a cheap run-flat replacement out of warranty don’t just go and buy a new tire for $250. I see Pirelli with 8-9/32 tread on ebay for $60-80. Some of them patched, but you couldn’t tell unless you remove the tire off the rim.

Only problem with that is Pirelli won’t match up with 3 Continental ContiPros…unless your point was A general check for a used tire on EBay, CL, etc…

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BMW uses pirelli

They used continental exclusively but that was a long time ago.

Well BMW’s uses different tires throughout its line-up:

The X1 does have Pirelli’s.

correct… they also use pirellis on 3s or at least the 328d

Alright alright alright! Just get used tires online! eBay and Facebook is where you can get a better deal. Utires and bestusedtires are ok, but they sell the same stock on ebay and for some reason it’s cheaper there.

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I dont think you got the idea of this post. It was more to let people with runflats know that in the first year if they get a puncture or blowout then it could be covered by the manufacture.

More of a PSA, for within the first year to save people from buying new tires or fixing them. (Generally the tire companies void the warranty if you plug runflats)

No I got it, just wanted to let people know there are cheaper options when they are outside the warranty period.

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Cheaper then free? Not sure I follow. If the car comes with runflats and you puncture one, why would you buy another tire vs. having it replaced for free with the warranty.


Mine still uses Contis, and it;s an 18 328d

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my brother got 2018 328d and it came with pirelli’s

Tire rack list Continental / Pirelli / Michelin as OE

I think you missed the fact he said “outside the warranty period”

He edited the original post after the @LeGinge posted a reply . I had to do a double take myself.


Yup yup, my b

Guilty on all counts.

My 330e that I leased 2 weeks ago has a nail on the side now. (Really not sure if thats how it was when I got the vehicle or if I just got unlucky with it). I was putting in air for about a week until I found out it was nail.
Cant be repaired due to the nail being on the side. I called my dealership, they said tires typically arent covered under the warranty. But according to the posts here and this article it should be.
Anyone have any experience recently?

Bump on this? Called today to make an appointment and they said "we never heard of tires being under manufacturers warranty.

@mods let me know if i should make this a new thead since its 2 years old

What tire manufacturer and what did they say when you called the manufacturer?