Rodo (Formerly Honcker) discussion/reviews

They’ll make a job offer at 20% over market rate with extra vacation days and then never answer your emails when you accept.


I got great deals on an '18 Audi Q5 and '18 VW Atlas from Honcker. I tried Rodo a few months ago and was 86’d on every purchase. They eventually called me and tried to get me to agree to inflated pricing, then said they’d call back and ghosted.

Sold a financed car to them. They were the highest bidder. Took about 10 days for them to arrange the pick up after I reminded them couple of times. They sent me a check 4-5 days after their carrier picked up my car and a week for them to pay the bank.

Overall I was happy with the process. Their reviews look horrible for brokering a purchase but selling a car was easy.