Rodo Deal Tacoma TRD Off Road 4x4 39/15 $1520 DAS $384 Mo

I was browsing through Rodo during a conference call and came across a deal that certainly seems too good to be true. Just thought I’d share

2021 Toyota Tacoma TRD Off Road 4x4
MSRP $39,972
Selling Price not listed but in playing with the calculator it looks like it would have to be a $700 discount

$1,520 Drive Offs
$384 Mo Including 8.75% tax
39 Months
$695 Bank Fee
DMV/Dealer Fees $350 (seems low)
Taxes $1,296
Residual $31,178 (78%)
MF .001933

Ally Financial lease

Tempted to hit the Place Order button but don’t want to take a hard inquiry on a bait and switch deal

This seems way too good to be true.

78% residual value after 39 months ? That’s really high , no? . I would check edmunds for MF and residual .

Using Cody from Tustin’s website, the numbers do seems low. They are showing closer to $430. It also shows the residual for 39/15 at 74%.

Yeah, I haven’t been able to find any Tacomas under $400/mo. Otherwise, I would’ve snagged one at $384.

At 74% it comes to about the same as Cody’s. I’m having a hard time believing it and really don’t want to take an inquiry to prove myself right.

According to the Ally lease guide it is 78% at 15k annual. I can’t figure out how to confirm the money factor.

I would take any too good to be true Rodo deal with a gigantic grain of salt. Bait and switch is a common thing there it seems.

Agreed. Seems the RV checks out. Even if money factor checked out the fact that this would have to be below MSRP I just can’t buy into. No one in Southern CA is selling at or below MSRP, most are well above.

4.14%, you can verify the numbers with NetQuote on Ally’s site

If the link doesn’t work you just go to the site map and poke around

Cody did offer you one at $388 + tax…admittedly you were looking for probably the two most rare colors which didn’t help your cause.

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And also not the model I was looking for. Standard SR5.
Definitely wasn’t an OR 4x4

You can request to not run credit until the vehicle is secured. I placed an order on the same vehicle in FL a few weeks ago and got an alert 2 days later saying that they are unable to do the deal. The company is hit or miss with deals and more often than not a major waste of time.

78% is correct for 39/15

Are you going to up your budget or hold off for a few months or perhaps try this Rodo deal if it’s in your area?

Certainly dreading the time when my OR 4wd lease comes to an end…yes it may have equity but I am grateful to not be fighting this battle at the moment.

I’m going to forego a truck at this moment.
According to dealers and Cody, the market is projected to stay the way it is for the next 1-2 years.
I’m not in desperate need of a truck so in the meantime I’m going to go for a car that is less expensive and won’t break my budget.

I’ll give it a couple of years to see if things get better and hopefully try for a Taco in a few years.

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So the deal is like this. At least the dealer takes time to match the math, I’m leaning towards that this deal might be legit. Basically 4.2% off MSRP, I think there’s $500 incentive via Ally? So ~3% dealer discount, doesn’t sounds too “too good to be true”. Also the $1,296 fees seems high but I don’t know much about SoCal, dealer could have clawed back some discount from there.