[Rochester, NY] 2013 Lexus IS250 AWD | $269.76/mo + $300 upfront | drive 25k mi between now and 7/27/19 | Under Warranty


Hi all,
This is my first post in the forum, so please do let me know if I have omitted any crucial information here.

Lease takeover opportunity: 2013 Lexus IS250 AWD sedan. Lease terminates 7/27/19. I am way under mileage, so you can drive approximately 25k miles between now and the termination date. The monthly payment is $269.76. $300 fee to me to transfer it to you. Lexus Financial has final say on the transfer, so good credit only, please. I am in Rochester, NY.

The story: I’ve been in line for a Tesla Model 3 for 2+ years and am finally taking delivery soon. During my wait, I signed up for a 3 year lease of this Certified Pre-Owned Lexus IS250 (it was a used car at the time I leased it from Dorschel Lexus in Rochester, NY). It’s a fun, sporty sedan that I have enjoyed driving. One minor accident repaired by the dealership. Maintained by same dealership throughout. Runs perfectly. Lexus Extracare CPO warranty in place into March 2020.

Contract stipulates 15k miles per year, but, again, I am way under that, so you can drive 25 miles between now and the end of July, 2019. The car has less than 43,500 miles on it currently, and can have as many as 68,531 on it at termination.

(sorry I wasn’t able to get to the car wash before taking these pics! The car is silver with gray interior.)

Thank you!


Is this car under warranty?


Hi Adam,

Yes, this car remains under Lexus ExtraCare CPO warranty into March 2020. But the lease is up in July 2019. Sorry, I had that incorrect before.


Lease is up in July 2019, so you’re out of warranty after March 2019?


Sorry, I had my years mixed up. The car is under warranty until March 2020. But the lease is up in July 2019.


What is the payoff amount at lease end?




I am looking for a car to use for 12 months in D.C. Do you know if the lease is extendable after the termination date?