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Hey Leasehackr!

I’m James (RobinHood), and I’m a new broker serving the NY/NJ/PA market, with a targeted focus on Upstate and Central NY.

What we’re up to: We’re working daily to build a network of dealership partners to offer some of the most competitive deals on brands that are under-represented on the forum. Right now, that’s Dodge, Jeep, Chrysler, and RAM, but we’re in talks with Honda, Porsche, Chevy, Audi, Alfa Romeo, and, of course, BMW.

What we charge: Our Broker Fees range from $0 to $599, depending on the MSRP of the vehicle. Military, First Responders, and Teachers are always $50 off.

How can you get a hold of us? We’re always open to PM’s on the forum, but you can also email us at can also call or text us at (315) 240-6714.

How long have we been around? Not long. We’re new as an entity, but we’ve been in the lease hacking game for many years, and have hundreds of closed deals (and happy people!) under our belt!

What’s with the name? We believe that everyone should have an awesome car, and we love more than anything taking cars that you might think are “unachievable” for your budget/situation, and negotiate them to a place where it works for you. Much like Robin and his merry band of thieves, we want to break down the barriers between “elite” MSRPs and “average” budgets!

We want to make your deal happen for you! Reach out, and let’s see we can make happen! Or, if you’ve already worked with us, please feel free to leave an honest review for everyone to check out!

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That’s not what he really did, I think.


But it’s totally what he’d do if he were around in the age of outrageous MSRPs! :wink:

I reached out to James about a week ago for some help finding a deal on a JGC with very specific trim/color/options. He was incredibly helpful (multiple phone calls) and answered all of my questions in a professional, timely fashion. His dealers didn’t have what I wanted and weren’t willing to work in MA. Rather than just saying “Sorry, I can’t help you” he had his dealer build the deal and then shopped it to a bunch of brand new dealers in MA to help me out.

I couldn’t be happier with the results, thank you James!

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Thanks for the review, and congratulations again! Hope you enjoy the new Jeep for a long time!

We just picked up our new Jeep yesterday! I have used brokers many times This was by far our best experience. James was a true professional , answered all our questions and gave us a great deal…no hassle . We were Very impressed with Robinhood Thank you James!!

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Thanks for the review! Congratulations on the new Jeep! Hope your son loves it for many years (3.5, to be exact!) to come!

This was my first time using a broker at the suggestion of my younger brother and it was a godsend. James was an absolute rockstar. He literally, LITERALLY, got me the exact car I wanted, in the exact color I wanted, the exact amount I wanted to pay in a lease, for the exact amount I wanted to put down (in fact, I put down even less thanks to him). I truly appreciated his dedication to me. Got this done in 3 days, it was simply amazing. Picked up the car and very happy with it. I can only hope that when I turn in my lease in 39 months (yes I am already thinking about what car I will get next) that I am privileged to have James as my broker because I know he will get me the deal I want. 1000% recommend. Oh and when I picked up the car, I was in and out in 20 mins (unheard of when you go to a dealership). Truly appreciate the service.

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Wow! Thanks for the amazing review! Wishing you 39 months of happiness in the new Jeep!

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We received our new Jeep Renegade this afternoon. It was my first time using a broker and despite of my reluctance, I am super glad and thankful that we got to work with James. Just like others have stated above, James was really a professional who was immensely helpful and prompt. Every step of the process was a breeze, thanks to James and he even got the dealership to agree to deliver the car to my house 4 hours away! Strongly recommend James and RobinHood. Thank you so much, James!

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I have reached out to James at Robinhood to ask whether or not he can get me a 2021 M550 in specific option and color with a good Dealer discount. While he was looking for the vehicle, i actually came across a dealership near me that had the vehicle with the color and options i wanted that i could pick up the next day. I was able to negotiate a deal on my own. However, even though I did not do any business with Robinhood, he was there helping me break down the numbers and helped me overall with the lease that i got through the dealership. Very knowledgeable guy and down to earth! I really did not expect that he would go out of his way to help, especially when I gave him no business. Now that is a Customer Service and he definitely earned referrals from me! Thank You!

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Thank you very much for the awesome review! When you find “the one”, especially in your backyard, it’s a no brainer. Wishing you years of happiness in the badass new ride!