Rivian recalling nearly ALL vehicles

“The re­call was made af­ter it dis­cov­ered a fas­tener con­nect­ing the up­per con­trol arm and steer­ing knuckle may have been im­prop­erly in­stalled, the com­pany said. In rare cases, the prob­lem could lead to a loss of steer­ing con­trol, the com­pany said.“


QC was that?

Do they even have a 1000 cars on the road yet?

Was just behind one a few minutes ago! lol

Doesn’t portend of Rivian speeding up deliveries, but it is good that a recall this big isn’t due to battery/fires.

One article said this affected 13k Rivians currently on the road.

What new car on the road didn’t have a recall lol ex. Every single Ford


R1T vin numbers are now at 12k range. Add the R1S now being shipped to customers, they probably have more cars driving in public than Fiat and Alfa Romeo combined, once you factor in all Fiat/Alfa cars currently awaiting repairs :slight_smile: