Rivian R1T Truck

Just interested in how people are sizing up the RT1. Obvious early qc issues aside, I’m assuming demand will be high, electric rebates available. Could there by a 4xe flip profit be available here?

You know the Rivian Truck is like an ‘exotic car’. You can flip it once, if you are one of the few to get one.

The 4xe is the ‘mc donalds’ of evs, people are buying them practically in bulk.


More like McDowell’s

mcdonalds smile GIF


I heard single digit deliveries (non media test vehicles) this month.

A lot of sizzle, so far waiting on the actual steak.

The only one I’ve seen so far was on a flatbed being towed. Wasn’t a good look.

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It’s basically a start up auto maker, during probably the worst time in history to be one, with immediate growing pains. Can’t see Rivian panning out in the near future, if they do it will probably be more like late 23 into 24.


demand is high. estimated at 70k pre orders and won’t be delivered until 2024. They also have to make a ton of vans for amazon too. There won’t be any deals any time soon. On the rivian forums people are offering 10k to buy someone’s place in line.

I think it will be a strong contender in the pickup truck market and keep a ton of value over time. Probably a great long term value proposition if you can get one delivered.

Every start-up is going to have growing pains, I think that people just want to sip haterade and hope that this company fails. Lots of miserable people out there in the world.

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It’s definitely higher than that, unless I’ve personally seen ~22% of the total units sold in person wearing standard CA retail sale temp tags.

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We’ll see if they report RDRs in January like everyone else. The only sales they have reported so far were through October, in the IPO filing: nearly every car “sold” went to an employee. They were projecting 1000 deliveries by 12/31, and people are starting to get their delivery dates.

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We have some forward guidance:

80% of preorders were not the large battery option, those will be prioritized. Of the large battery preorders, the Adventure Package will get built first.

And some updated delivery numbers

Rivian has delivered 386 of the 652 vehicles it has built, including its pickup and SUV


Your best bet to own a Rivian is to try and get a job there and place an order on day 1 of your new job. The only deliveries I have seen are from employees on LinkedIn posting about their awesome new truck.

I have little doubt that this truck will live up to the hype but it will be a considerable time (given the hype and chipageddon) before the average consumer can go from wanting to order one to actually owning/leasing/driving one.


Thought I’d post here. Rivian drastically raised their price two days ago. I immediately canceled as my build went from around 70k to 87k. I assumed many would do the same.
Just got an email from rivian groveling for forgiveness and promising to honor pre-march price rise. Looks like anyone who reserved before March will still be able to get their truck as configured. I hope so. Could make for quite a flip.

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I totally understand that inflation has been bad and Rivian is likely scrambling to fill the order numbers they received with skyrocketing supply prices, but this move is absolutely terrible from a PR perspective for the brand. I don’t know if it’s even hyperbole to call this a potential death knell.

Came across this Twitter thread from someone who pre-ordered and cancelled, and it shows (however legit) that Rivian still thought it could deliver at original prices as of five months ago.

Stock price down almost 50% in the last 6 months

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So did you lose your reservation?

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Doesn’t sound like it. Says they will restore the build with original pricing.

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They are only producing a few thousand trucks per year right now.

At that rate they can only fill a small percentage of the reserved orders anyway.

I’d rather see them be a sustainable company then honor pricing that no longer makes sense.

If it’s possible to transfer an order, I would be wiling to buyout someone no longer interested.

Seen it on the streets in NYC – nothing special – looks like a Ford Ranger

You could argue Tesla isn’t anything special either, and are woefully long in the tooth. People still trip over each other to get one.


Not a bad thing contrasted with the cyber truck.

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