RIP BMW i8 Roadster

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RIPPPPPPPPPP I guess no one wants to buy the slowest 170k sports car ever to come out of Bavaria in 2020.


Good times with the 3cyl

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It’s all about the price.

Last summer they were flying out like hot-cakes.

I still can’t name a cooler car for $800/mo, let alone $1000-1200. 0-60 in 4.2 is plenty fast

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Even NSX was $1,200 with tons of rebates and trunk money

def plenty fast, but except for the looks it is hard to justify when a 58k M340 can hit 4.3ish


I can name one. Lol…

Sure but completely diff class of vehicle. And the $1200 nsx was nearly impossible to get. Name something better for $800/mo. It’s a very interesting car. I’d never drop $150k on one. But $20k to drive one brand new for 2 years is totally doable for some


Thank goodness. That was one fugly mistake of a car

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Didn’t we just discuss this less than a week ago?

It’s faster than the 340 and mine is actually cheaper than a 340. Your point is moot.


an M340 isnt turning any heads either.


shocking that a broker has a unicorn i8, makes your point moot actually since we going to talk like this.

The ones you post are over 799 for a LH reader, not sure how that makes it cheaper, especially since almost noone can get approved based on your own posts.

Sure the i8 has better torque but a lower 0-60 so yea it is quicker in some regards, but for that MSRP it should be no contest.

Agreed that the m340 is no head turner, it is a 3 series in the end.

The 340s posted here are all 500 bucks and they’re like 60k…they’re terrible value.

I got my deal because i brought my store enough business over several years that they lost a ton of money on it. Not sure what approval has to do with it, though? If you’re trying to make a point that I was approved and I’m a “broker”, that’s not really relevant because I’ve been working on Wall Street for over a decade. I have enough credit to get approved…


Nah, I meant the deal you got was because you were a broker. Was not attacking you directly, was saying non-brokers aren’t going to get the deal you got, and you mentioned yourself that it is hard to get approved for one, even for people with high incomes. Not meaning you, meant the general public.

I’m not a broker and I got ridiculous deals on my i8s, fwiw.

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Happy you had 4 i8s, also not the usual situation. If you can’t replicate it, does it matter?

I did replicate (several times) and, also, I shared the info on here for free. As noted before, I am not a broker. I don’t get money to get a good deal for someone else. After I shared my data points, it’s for the individual to make their deal. Or not.

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The ones he is posting for 900+/month is still the definition of a unicorn. Close to a .5% deal. Throw in loyalty, ol code and cca rebate for $1500 you have a $175k car for $775-800/mo all in

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