Ride and Drive events

Hello everyone,

My first post in this forum, please forgive my ignorance. My current lease is up in 3-4 months and I’m starting my search for the new ride. One of the possible picks is Mazda CX-9. I’ll be in Orlando around this Thanksgiving and noticed that Mazda is having a “Ride and Drive” event there, I guess in conjunction with the Central Florida Auto Show. Does anyone know if it’s worth anyone’s time attending those? Do they provide any kind of vouchers/certificates toward the lease/purchase of their new cars? TIA for your replies/opinions.

Ha-ha, well played Ursus.
Are those the Mazda bucks “The Great Combinator” holding? But seriously, is it worth anyone’s time to attend those events? I know BMW holds those, and occasionally the attendants can get $1,000 certificate toward the purchase/lease of the Beemer. Do the other companies practice that?

I got $500 cert once, during Volvo Ocean Race show.