Reviews speak volumes - BMW Shopping in So Cal

I’m seeing a lot of other CA’s posting their deals on here now and I just want to remind buyers and hackers that a Client Advisor is only as good as the team that’s behind them. Of course the numbers matter but so does your time, your protection of personal information and the overall experience.

There’s a reason that BMW of Murrieta has officially won Center of Excellence again for 2018 and why we’re the only BMW Center in HISTORY to win the coveted Center of Excellence Award every since inception. Here’s why (along with another dealership just for comparison)…

BMW of Murrieta - 797 Lifetime Reviews with a 5 Star Rating

Shelly BMW - 52 Lifetime Reviews with a 2 Star Rating

I know you guys spend so much time grinding it out and working up your calculations. Do yourself a favor and just read the first page of these review sites and you will see what the difference is. Then if you live in a different area, check your local stores too. You will find that we crush the competition when it comes to customer experience. And part of that means going to bat to get you the best possible deal as well. After all, I couldn’t have three times the number of reviews as Shelly BMW’s entire dealership (with a 5 Star Rating mind you) without consistently beating other stores in So Cal.

Thanks as always for reading my posts and for every opportunity you guys give me. You all helped me reach 30 cars last December which was a new personal and all-time store record!! :smiley: :smiley:


I look forward to growing together in 2018!!

Dave Townsend
Internet Client Advisor
BMW of Murrieta - A Hendrick Automotive Group Dealership



Dave, I really appreciate the time and effort you put in for this community, and I’m sure everyone else feels the same way here.

If I’m ever in the market for a BMW, I’ll know who to come to first.


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Time to pack up and move east to us New Englanders Dave, you will love the arctic cyclone bombs :rofl:

Congrats on killing it last month and it’s great to hear the community is helping you get there.


You’re the man Dave!

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@BMW_Dave Thanks for your contribution to these forums. You’re on here and provide useful information for many members, unlike many other CAs who are here just to make a sale. In recent days, I’ve seen posts from at least 3 salespeople from ShellyBMW and they’ve attacked members for calling out their so-called “deals.” Poor customer service on their part.

It’s be great if @michael or @littleviolette implemented a way to rate salespeople on here so all members can quickly see if they should work on a deal with them or not.


We are all adults here and everyone can make their own decision, even if it’s not the best one. No need for ratings here, IMO


Hopefully, prospective buyers see the difference in a random salesperson and a Registered Dealer. But as @Ursus also said…if they simply click a few links they should be able to tell the difference and make an educated decision. Thanks guys! :+1:

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Dave is right. If there’s a large amount of reviews, you usually can tell whether it’s worth the effort to find a good deal. Good management leads to good salespeople which leads to good reviews.

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Congratulations Dave and thanks for all that you contribute to here. :+1:

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