Reviews for Registered Brokers/Dealers


Since we have registered brokers/dealers now, we should have a section for reviews on them. From the list thus far, it seems most are trustworthy and great to deal with, but there are a couple where there hasn’t been any reviews or info on if they’ve actually closed any deals.


I agree.

There should also be a complete list of registered brokers and dealers, and what their specific fee is. This would be extremely helpful.


This seems to have become a reality since the section is live. What I can’t find is how to create a topic to create a review for a registered broker that hasn’t been reviewed yet. What is the process?


Only Registered Broker/Dealer can create the topic for themselves to be reviewed.


That actually creates a loophole whereby a shitty brokers skates away without getting any negative reviews.


This is true, or they can just unregister themselves from the forum. We want to focus on rewarding good dealers/brokers instead of punishing the bad ones. That’s why we encourage users to seek out dealers/brokers that would put themselves up for evaluation in our guideline. The dealer/broker’s constructive contribution on the forum would speak for itself; the purpose of the review section is to create a convenient place for users to reward their favorite dealer/broker with a good word. If members so wish, we are not oppose to creating a “Bad Dealer List” wiki, as long as they stay civil and truthful.

We have been flirting with the idea of having a ranking of our forum dealer/broker, although we would be careful in rolling it out-- definitely not until we deem our parameters to be fair and relevant. We would love to hear your suggestions and comments on the idea, if you believe this is a good idea at all!


The good ones seem quite collegial (toward each other) so far…once you introduce internal competition (to be LH #1) that camaraderie will probably disappear.

Plus people will try to game the system.


This would be opening Pandora’s box, IMO. People can’t even wait for 24 hours for a dealer/broker to get back to them.


Well, attach a poll in the first post - good/neutral/bad and have all registered dealers/brokers create their own Review thread. Users need to be asked to vote in addition to their review post. Dealer/broker can mark reviews “Actual customer”. But sure, there will be a lot going on there :slight_smile:


Rather than a ranking, perhaps it’d be better to place them in a tier. “Good, better, best” sort of thing. Based on reviews, longevity, contributions, etc.


Agree. I can also see dealers being labeled “bad” when providing a fair quote to someone who, in turn, feels is bad, due to unrealistic expectations.


I also think so. A whitelist is much more useful than a blacklist for these things. That’s the reason I wanted to review the guy that did my deal. I had a great experience with him.


Then PM him and tell him to start a thread. I feel some brokers on here don’t start a review thread because they know it will be bad. Haha.


I did. He’s traveling now and won’t be back for a few days.


Where we can see all of the brokers that are registered, where they service, and their fee?