Review the deal: 2020 BMW X3 X drive 30i


Hello Experts,

This is for 2020 BMW X3 X drive 30i. According to Edmunds MF is 0.00118 and 55% RV

Dealer is offering $707 as monthly payments for 36 months 12k in NJ. I checked leasecheckr calculator and it seems to match. Which part I should be negotiating?

What make, model, trim? Also, what are the MF, RV and incentives from Edmunds forums?

Edit: posting your calculator helps too

Bad. For new BMW You should get at least 12% discount before incentives. If you have no time for going back and fourth with the dealer just hire one of LH brokers. They offer at least 12% off for almost every new unit.

Thank you. updated the post with model, trim, MF, RV etc

Yes. I am talking to few brokers but they don’t have the car with features and color that I want.

Got the point. Does MT Kisco BMW have unit that You are looking for?

Did you post on edmunds and ask or did you look at what somebody else had asked and the response they got in June vs July?

.00118 was buy rate for June and I was under the impression it had changed for July.

Did You reach out to @HersheySweet . Maybe he can help You?


at least 12% for all new units?

In July?


Upps… not possible anymore?:roll_eyes: good that i used word “almost” LOL

Please stop telling people that. This might have been the case a few months ago. Now inventory is very tight and dealers have had their 2021 allocations cut in half, those days are over for at least a year.


Ok. I will take it back if f.e. @nyclife will update his spread sheet for July and remove 12% discount for 90% of new units he offers. Is that fair?

OP - you may want to confirm the numbers from Edmunds. A quick check for July shows 0.00099 base MF and 56% residual. Check your incentives.

Discounts have been all over the place, but feels like between 8-9% recently. If you have a specific car in mind, it will get tougher… good luck!

Edit: also, seems like RV was reduced 1% for some models and some incentives were reduced. To make up for the lower MF I guess… but the BMW experts on LH will know better :grin:


I would change the title of the post to be a more descriptive.

Just because one broker has these discounts on some units in a specific region doesn’t mean it’s the norm. It’s also July now. Ask him what the discounts are looking like this month now that those units are gone.

OP is in that specific region. Let see what July will bring.:grinning:

If I negotiate down to 12% that means a payment of $632 a month. Is that reasonable? Anything else in the deal I should be negotiating?

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If you are ready to move hit up Dan - @nextlevelautobrokers He might still have 1-2 X3 loaners that will save you 100s per month.

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