Review my deal please. 2020 BMW X3, MSRP ~48k, $520/month w/ first month + fees DAS Texas


Hey y’all, can you please give me your thoughts on this deal? It’s 36k/12m Lease on a 2020 BMW X3

  • MSRP: $47,645

  • Discount: $5,956 (~12.5%)

  • Rebates: $3,000 ($1k college grad, $1.5k corporate, and $500 lease special)

  • Selling price: $38,689

  • RV: 57% (edmunds says it should be 56%)

  • MF: .00158 (base is .00118) this is where I’m getting hosed. Dealer won’t budge at all

fees + 1st month DAS ($888)

Lease comes out to be $520/mo with taxes in Texas. $450 if I pay taxes upfront.

Try to negotiate a bigger discount to compensate the mark up MF or try other dealers


How much more of a discount do you think should shoot for? Go up to 13.5% off?

Updated the monthly, it’s actually $520 not $560 made a typo

You’re not getting hosed per se. it’s a way for the dealer to show a larger discount than it actually is.

Run the calculator for all the same inputs except .00118 and .00158, the difference in the total lease cost is the phantom discount

But the bigger picture in Texas always comes down to taxes and to timing your deal when there are tax credits available.

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Any idea how to get these tax credits or is that like a seasonal promotion kind of thing?

It is a sorta seasonal thing… someone from Texas may know if there’s ever been any pattern to when each bank offers theirs. I think BMWFS did in… Feb this year?

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@IAC @Electric @AP919

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They were in November and very limited. OP was in touch with us and I didn’t hear back.

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I got a tax credit on an X5 back in March. I’ve leased several cars in Texas and I don’t ever recall a pattern on when they are available. This X5 in March and Lexus GS350 FSport back in October 2015 are the only times I have ever personally gotten tax credits. On the X5 it was about $3k in savings. About $2800 savings on the Lexus. So they do make a pretty measurable difference in your payment since we’re a “pay tax on the entire sales price” state. @IAC may have a better grasp of if there is a pattern. I’ve never been able to figure one out. I also think they may be dealer specific. Maybe at @IAC can verify that.

Although the money factor is marked up…it’s a lil less than a 1% interest rate equivalent mark up. So I don’t know if I’d say you’re getting hosed by it. With inventories being tighter now, dealers have less incentive to discount car heavily (they need to make money somehow, since it may not be with volume). You’re discount seems fairly reasonable. And a marked up money factor is fairly common in Texas when the car has any measurable discount by the dealer.

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That was a very limited one only at certain dealerships. :slight_smile:

When there are tax credits you have to be very decisive and get it done as long as the other numbers are reasonable. The tax credits are too big of a game changer in Texas to sit on the fence. :frowning:

Thanks for the info @max_g @valek.jw @AP919. Appreciate it.

I’ll look around to see if any dealers have tax credits. The one above said they didn’t.

OP was in touch with us and I didn’t hear back.

Sorry for not getting back to you @AP919. I was still on the fence. Thank you for your help

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I can save you some time. There are no tax credits right now. The only way to get it is via a one-pay lease, but you’re going to shell out a good $15,000-$16,000 at once.