Review BMW X7 Lease

Hey guys! First post here after lurking for a while.

Just built a custom order BMW X7 40i at a dealer in SoCal. The car came out to be ~$86k

Asked for numbers and the dealer gave me $995 w/o tax for 36/12k (with MSDs).

I’m looking to be at $950. Is this a reasonable ask?

Attached below is the price breakdown.

You should be able to get 10% off before incentives, so that would cut another $1k (or $30/mo).

Also, the dealer is not giving you the buy rate for MF, tell them it should be .00128 prior to the MSDs and .00093 after.

Those two changes will get you under $950.

Give @legendsauto a call. Gor is a great chap and will be able to beat that quote for you. I know because I just did an X7 deal with him.

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Thanks for the tag Ed
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