Returning US bank gladiator

I leased a gladiator through US Bank nearly 2 years ago and immediately took off the ugly looking sport wheels and put on some takeoff wheels from a Mojave edition and have been looking at these sport wheels in my garage for the past two years wondering what to do with them. Does anybody think US Bank will be picky and expect me to put the original rims on or can I just sell them?

You can attempt to sell it. Sold my wrangler lease with usbank to toyota dealer last year. Took some equity and picked up trd pro 4runner.

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Generally speaking, yes, they need to be returned in the original condition with all original non-consumables that were provided at the time of lease, including the rims. Your contract will likely have specific language around this but remember that this is ultimately a long-term rental and needs to be returned as received.

Looking online, they do state ‘mismatched wheels’ will incur an end of lease excess wear charge, so I’d suggest you hang onto them.

Mismatched usually means they aren’t the same all around, not that they are different than OE.
I don’t recall inspectors ever looking at the RIMs other than to find if they’ve been curbed.

I just wasn’t sure because they’re jeep wheels if they would even notice. Thanks all. I am contemplating selling and ordering another one as I do love my jeep.

They wouldn’t notice. They aren’t experts on all vehicles and would not have a clue what the wheels should look like.

Damn it now you got me wanting to sell them. It’s weird I have heard us bank are killers on their dealer buy out but I recently had a dealer get the pay off and it was the same as my personal pay off

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I’m in a similar position, I put new wheels on and my in laws have been nice enough to store mine in their basement until I return the truck or decide to keep it. I figured not having the original wheels may be a problem so I didn’t want to chance anything.

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I’ll probably end up selling the OEM wheels and tires (only 8,000 miles!) Or swap them back on and sell the upgraded wheels if and when I end up turning it in, unless I find someone willing to make it worth my while to buy it out.

What are you driving?

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Does anybody think US Bank will be picky and expect me to put the original rims on or can I just sell them?

Wouldn’t you make more money taking off and selling the upgraded wheels?

No possible problems at lease return either.


Yes, any lease return should have the original equipment on the window sticker installed when returned. Usually the only exceptions are dealer installed OEM accessories, which does not sound to be the case here.

I’m sure they’ll appreciate the $700 line x Berliner though. To be honest I’ll prob end up trying to sell that dealing with US bank.

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