Returning I3 lease charges

Just dropped car off. They dinged me for some really small bumps. They said they are way stricter with the i3 than other cars. 300 bucks for rear bumper and 600$ for front. I 'm disagreeing and getting the 3rd party guy out. Anyone else have bad experiences and feeling over charged?

Always have the inspection done at the dealer. If your local dealer farms out the work find one that does it themselves.

Hope you can show us the damages on front and rear bumpers.

It was done at BMW San Francisco. They said if I disagreed with anything then I could request and they would ask BMWFS to send a 3rd party inspector. 1200$ total with 2 new front tires. The tires had uneven wear.

Sorry misread who did the inspection. The two on the front bumper absolutely should not be charged. The back one I’m not sure width wise it’s fine but deep. Did you get your Bmw ding circle? I would bring it back and be like wtf.
Check eBay for tires that meet minimum requirements.

Have you returned the car already? If so it might be too late.
Should have had 3rd party inspect 2-3 months in prior before lease maturation date.

3rd party inspects then they tell you if its normal wear and tear or you will be dinged for it, then you can have the car fixed and have them come again to reinspect vehicle.

I turned it in yes. It’s due in 2 days. Yeah that “ding o meter” never came. I’ll bring it up. They were trying to tell me that every other car besides the i3 has a scale for how bad it is. The i3 has a flat rate for each panel.

They’re not actually lying. The i3 uses some new plastic panel technology that makes removing dents impossible, you have to replace the whole panel.

Uhhhhh… isn’t that normal wear and tear on a 2-3 yo car?!! Freeway rock chips are going to happen. Back bumper issue looks really small. No used car buyer will care about the 2 dings in question anyways… I guess I’ll have to expect to return a new car

The front looks like it’s needs some touch up paint not a new panel.

I just received my final bill. I disputed the charges about the bumpers and won. I’m still getting charged for the tires which I expected. Getting a 3rd party out to inspect the car after the dealership wanted to charge me for little dings was the obvious answer.