Returning Car at End of Lease

I have a GMC Terrain and the lease is up this year. At the end of the lease I think there is a charge of $595 for something when I turn it in. My friend told me that I don’t have to pay that fee if I lease another car. Is that true? Can I purchase another GM car instead of a GMC say a Cheve and not have to pay that fee? Is there a time limit from when you return the leased car till you lease another and not pay the fee?

yes, easier if you go to a dealership that has gmc and chevy in it

PM ChevyPhil, he’s the guru of chevy leases.

The GMC disposition fee is $495 in pretty much every state.

Program Rules

  1. Customer must take retail delivery of a new GM vehicle financed or leased
    through GM Financial within 10 days of the vehicle grounded date.
  2. Terminating lease must be through GM Financial.
  3. Program period will be effective January 4 – 31, 2017. (THIS IS FROM MY OLD INFO - ASSUMING STILL SAME)
    Eligibility is determined by vehicle grounded date.
  4. Dealer must complete and submit the GM Financial End of Term
    Loyalty Form within 48 hours of vehicle grounded date.
  5. Vehicle must be grounded by a GM dealer using
    within 48 hours of the vehicle return date.
  6. Customers terminating early will be allowed the full contract mileage on the
    existing lease and the standard Early Termination liability will apply. Leases
    terminated prior to the final billing cycle are considered Early Terminations.
  7. This program does not eliminate customer liability for excess wear or mileage.
    Any billable amounts that exceed $500 in excess wear or $500 in excess
    mileage will be the responsibility of the customer. These amounts
    cannot be applied against any other unpaid lease charges.

@adamcar - I know this is an old post but are you aware of the latest details regarding the early turn-in for a chevy lease?
where can we find similar info for any promotions similar to the one you posted before?

Still the same. If you buy or lease another vehicle through GM Financial, they will waive the turn in fee plus up to $500 excess mileage plus up to $500 excess wear.

You can turn the lease in anytime you want as long as all the payments have been made. Or you can sell or trade the vehicle in at any time and remove GM Financial from the equation altogether. Call GM Financial for the lease payoff quote.

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thanks @adamcar for the details… I’m considering a purchase this time - do I need to finance my new car thru GMFinancial to be eligible for this? My current lease is indeed thru GMFinancial and I’m due 3 more payments…


Correct. If you finance through anyone other than GMF, you’ll have to pay dispo fee + damage waiver would not apply.