Returned my lease-when should I cancel car insurance?

Hi all,
I just got back from dropping off my ‘17 Accord to the dealership. It was a contactless return and the car will sit in the open lot until they process it sometime next week. Should I cancel my car insurance today or wait until they officially take possession? AutoVin already inspected the car and there was no excess wear and tear. I also exercised due diligence and took upwards of 100 pictures and videos of the car on the lot. On the same note, any idea how I pay my disposition fee? I assume HFS will reach out. Thank you!

If you have a signed OD statement, you can cancel it effective today. It’s no longer your problem.


Thanks! Definitely did not sign an OD statement. They had envelopes to put the keys in and fill out basic info like OD # and VIN. Under my mother’s wise council, I did take a picture of the odometer. I will keep the insurance for now. Thank you!

You don’t sign, they do.

If they’re going to mail it to you, you can leave the insurance on for now (if you’re concerned) and if it’s dated the day you return to the car you can have your car insurance canceled effective that day and they should refund retroactively. At least mine have in the past.

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Thank you so much! You’re very helpful and informative and it is very much appreciated!