Residuals on a 2016 VW e-Golf SEL?

I’ve been seeing them at 35-36k MSRP but selling for under 24k up in MD.

Trying to figure out how cheap I can get if I’m leasing and registering in a state without any state EV incentives (VA).

I’m curious about 24 and 36 mo / 12k mi.

2016 e-Golf SEL Premium

24/12K: 43% residual, .00065 MF
36/12K: 36% residual, .00065 MF

All: $7,500 lease cash
Targeted: $500 grad

Valid through 10/3/16.

With putting together the prices at King VW in Maryland and using the calculator and given residuals, am I really looking at a sub-$100 lease with no money down for 24mo? Not sure if I’m looking at this right, and I bet numbers are a little bit different this month.

From their website:
$36415 MSRP
$22977 (or less) Internet price

Calculator yields $45/mo with $1479 drive off so if I can negotiate the price down at all (even just 1k) I’m definitely below $100/mo? It also seems it’s a worse deal to go 36mo?

Their online sale price is including incentives, some of which may only apply when purchasing and not leasing.

In this case, let’s say I instead go for an SE with DCFC package. I see those going for 16k-ish. I guess in the end it might be cheaper for me to just purchase outright, claim the Federal tax credit, and then deal with effectively a 9k car?

I would much rather lease for depreciation insurance but I’m trying to work out what’s cheaper in the end.

Here’s another interesting snag that I just found out after calling a few dealers in MD. They’re saying because I live in VA, I don’t qualify for the 7.5k Cap Cost Reduction? (Which doesn’t make sense to me since it’s a federal tax credit)

Has anyone else run into a similar problem?

State and Federal Tax Incentives

Virginia and the federal government offer tax breaks on alternative fuels and alternative fuel vehicles. Read the following subsections below for more info.
If you have questions on taking advantage of certain tax incentives, consider consulting a tax professional, the Virginia Department of Taxation, or your local IRS Taxpayer Assistance Center.

Yeah – a dealer researched it for me and just called me back. Even though Virginia residents qualify (and I got the Federal Tax Credit CCR on an Audi A3 e-tron lease through Audi FS without any issues), for some reason VW Credit will only give you the Federal Tax Credit CCR if you’re in a CARB state. Seems like they’re shooting themselves in the foot if you ask me.

I guess an alternative is always a loan, although I’m really scared of the value after 3 years. Does VW offer something like BMW’s “BMW Select” program where they give you ownership but it’s basically a balloon loan where you have a big payment at the end of your term you can either pay it off or you turn the car in?

Any idea of residuals for the SEL in LA?

2016 e-Golf SEL Premium

24/12K: 43% residual, .00065 MF
36/12K: 36% residual, .00065 MF

All: $7,500 lease cash
Targeted: $500 grad

Valid through 10/31/16.

I’m looking at the SE and SEL specials on the VW hayward website and they look pretty good. What’s weird is that none of the dealers in LA will even try to match. What’s hayward doing that the others aren’t?

Do you have residuals for the SE trim with the DCFC option? Similar terms (24/12k, 30/12k, and 36/12k)

Trying to work a deal leaving the $7500 lease cash out since they won’t give it to me.

There’s no lease cash in VA, unfortunately.

e-Golf deals are only good in California, Connecticut, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Washington (CARB states).

It’ll be super expensive in VA:

2016 e-Golf SE
24/12K: 43% residual, .00201 MF
30/12K: 39% residual, .00201 MF
36/12K: 36% residual, .00201 MF

How good can e-Golf SEL Premium possibly be in Connecticut?
There is one showing at the dealership I got my current Jetta. I liked that dealership for them to be more or less straightforward without games.
I may look into it but I can’t estimate for what discount to ask for before Fed and State rebates.

They don’t even sell them in VA. Or maybe sold out? But I did not see any at 2 major North Virginia dealers.


What are the current residuals for 2016 e-Golf SEL in CT state (06905)
for 26/36 months and 10k/12k per year?
What can be the MF rate for it?
Any rebates from VW in CT state?

Thank you.


Can you provide the info on the e-Golf I asked above?

2016 e-Golf SEL Premium
24/10K: 43% residual, .00065 MF
36/10K: 36% residual, .00065 MF

All: $7,500 lease cash
Targeted: $1000 Loyalty, $500 Grad


Received your PM. Here are the numbers for e-Golf in CARB states valid through 11/30/16:

2016 e-Golf SE and SEL
36/12K: 35% residual, .00065 MF
All" $7,500 lease cash
Targeted: $500 grad, $1,000 loyalty

Subtract 2% for 15K/year.

Have the residuals changed at all for December. I am looking for an SE 7,500 miles 30 or 36 months in California. The best deal I’ve gotten is $150 for 36 months $2500 drive off. Can’t decide if I should lease or wait until January