Require certain amount of reading time before posting

Can we have a reading time requirement before posting? Or a minimum amount of threads read before posting. This may prevent all the first posts asking questions that have been answered a hundred times.


I believe that this already exists. IMHO, it wouldn’t hurt to increase it though

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I think a better way is to institute a fun mini quiz before first-time posting, but that’s beyond our current capacity.

All the commonly asked questions are in the banner, which you have to click away as a first-time user. Perhaps we should start a Youtube channel so the information is relayed in a friendlier manner.

Until then, we will continue to educate the public as patiently and effectively as we can, in writing. We tried to reduce the amount of reading time by creating Deal Huntr for those who just want to get to the deal, but that has not been the most receptive. We will keep trying!


I like this. Last week I was even thinking about a live “Ask the Hackrs” on something using Zoom (audio and video plus recording).

Can we include a couple of true/false questions?

T/F The 1% rule is a useful metric of anything.
T/F I should definitely use LH score to determine if something is a good deal.



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Nobody is forcing you to read or reply to anybody

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Wrong. When the forum is inundated with the same questions over and over again I am forced to read at least the titles as I peruse the forum. This noise degrades the overall quality of an otherwise excellent forum. What point are you trying to make? That we should have no rules or controls at all because “Nobody is forcing you to reply”?


It’s not just that, but there are people who just registered handing out advice. I can’t find the thread now, but I read one earlier where the first person to respond had registered 2 hours before that, and the OP was thanking the person. I know it’s difficult to impossible to filter like this, but it’s still annoying.


Bad advice can ruin a forum. I know people here do not like r/askcarsales but the mods there stepped back a lot over the past year and a lot of bad/questionable advice is given by non-flaired members. It has really brought down quality advice since actual salespeople’s comments are at the bottom if they don’t respond right away.

The problem is that this forum will stop gaining members if a new member has to read X hours to post. A lot of people will say F this and leave if they can’t ask a question. The best idea IMO would be to have like a 5-10 question quiz (70% is a pass) on the FAQ so they had to at least read something.


And if they can’t hit 70%, they “will say F this and leave if they can’t ask a question” :slightly_smiling_face:


We may lose some people yes but are we after quantity or quality? What good is a ton of uniformed people that are unwilling to take some time to go over the plethora of valuable information on this website. We say all the time we are about teaching people to fish not feeding them. I say good if we lose those people. I have turned on some co-workers to this site. Real car guys that were just clueless about leasing. They have read hours and hours without posting once, and they have been blown away buy the knowledge on this site. These are the kinds of forum members we want.


No real way to enforce this policy without some sort of evaluation/examination.

Just skip the reading part and just have people do a fun quiz sort of thing. 99% of people’s questions can even be answered by the quiz.

Such as having these types of questions:

"How can you most effective find the best lease for you on LH?
a) Posting a new thread asking “What is the best lease for me?”
b) Doing research on
c) Using the “Search” function on LH by typing in ‘sedan’ AND ‘300’ (to find a sedan for $300 a month, as an example)
d) Scrolling through the “Marketplace,” “Brokers,” and “Private Lease Transfers” sub-forums on LH
e) Choices a and b
f) Choices c and d

Correct answer: (f); choices c and d."

That’s just an example question and obviously it would be worded in a much better way, I was just trying to illustrate my point.

A simple 10 question quiz before getting in can resolve many of the basic questions new members shouldn’t be starting whole new threads for.

Also, for the quiz… require a 70% passing grade and each time the quiz is regenerated if they fail the quiz the first time then the answers should be randomly generated per question so you can’t just guess and click through it like process of elimination type of thing.


What about a better search function. I know people have said they looked in the past and didn’t find what they were looking for. For example, you could set criteria like signed/unsigend deals, price range, zero down, manufacturer, etc… It is just a thought but maybe it would reduce bad post. And of course one filter could be what is residual / MF with the template response - see Edmunds.

The issue with all these ideas is this site is limited by the platform it’s on. The site owners don’t have a dev team. That is why I made my suggestion based on what the platform can currently do.

Good chance people aren’t looking and just don’t want to be flamed out.


The site owners get to make the decision of what they can and cannot do. Victoria seemed to support the idea of a quizlet.

You misunderstood me. Of course it is their decision however if what they want to do is beyond the current capacity of the platform it’s a moot point. As Violet said “I think a better way is to institute a fun mini quiz before first-time posting, but that’s beyond our current capacity.”

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Is there a way of making a required reading list of Leasing 101 articles like just understanding the terminology?

Most 1st time posters are unaware of what each acronym means and half the thread becomes about teaching the poster what the terminology means.