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Honda only goes with Honda F S on lease

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That’s incorrect. There are 3rd party CUs that will lease Hondas.

Thats what I was told at Norm reeves Honda

Just because that dealership doesn’t lease through 3rd parties doesn’t mean NO Honda dealership will. There’s been several Honda signed leases on the forums not through HFS.



ALL brands lease through their captive (that’s what makes it a captive). Not all dealerships offer third-party leases.

Many possibilities:

  • they don’t know this is possible
  • they know and don’t care
  • they don’t know how to do it
  • they aren’t motivated to

Dealerships can take a check from any bank, most have alternate lenders besides the captive to cater to their buyers. Many don’t have alternate third party leasing setup IME.

The deal won’t be funded, but you bet that they might give you a monthly based on 10,000 miles instead of 15,000 to get you in the door…then they will tell you they have some bad news and try to bump you up. I recently had a dealer quote a decent discount with an MF that was significantly below the base rate.

Could that have been an honest mistake…yes. Could it have been that the sales manager was trying to get me in the dealership only to bump up the price…absolutely.

That’s why it’s so important to know what the MF, RV, and incentives are on a vehicle…you can call bullshit very quickly and avoid going to the dealership only to find out they’re trying to play games.


Which is why I’ve repeatedly told people here to never accept without verification the things that “dealers cannot change or profit from” such as RV, taxes, DMV, etc.

Another scenario slightly different from yours is where you agree to a selling price and MF but after seeing your differing calculations the dealer insists your RV is wrong, it’s actually 3% lower. You eventually agree to the higher payment since “the dealer can’t mess with the RV.” Technically true!

But if you’re not vigilant inside the FI office what you might miss is that he increased the selling price while inputting the correct RV to achieve the higher payment you agreed to.

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