Replace your Ride program

Hey guys,
I’m trying to look into the Replace your Ride program for Los Angeles, and one of the eligibility requirements are that your car must exceed an emissions level for model year 2000 or newer vehicles.

Well what is that level? I’m not sure how I’m supposed to be reading that…
Maybe this isn’t the right place to ask but I didn’t know where else I could.

Well, I’ve been qualified :slight_smile:
However I’m trying to apply it to the Honda Clarity or Hyundai Ioniq and the dealers tell me since it’s impossible to change the lease structures on these they can’t do it. Anyone have any experience with this?
Also, has anyone noticed all the ioniqs are pretty much gone (they say due to a recall)?

Best to call the replace your ride program customer service and ask them how to proceed.

So I did call them up. They just said they’ve never had anyone trying to lease these vehicles before and that they’re not sure how to do it since the dealerships can’t change the lease structures.
Also dealerships are no help since they don’t even own the vehicles, Honda or Hyundai own them. The dealers just collect the money to pass onto the Manufacturer. How can I get in touch with these finance companies?

I read somewhere that the replace your ride program will cut the dealer a check so I’m guessing you could use that as a down payment? As for the structured lease programs like ioniqs and claritys, it will be up to the individual dealership to “apply” this down payment. Some won’t know what to do but if you get in touch with their finance department, there might be someone there who is familiar with replace your ride. If they have done a deal before with r.y.r. there’s no reason why they can’t use it for structured leases in the form of a down payment.

Most of them that I’ve talked to will shut down all deal negotiations as soon as they hear about RYR since they have to wait for the check to come from the organization that’s handling it. Really frustrating, I didn’t expect it to be this difficult.

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They shouldn’t be involved in the program then!