Replace tires before lease expires?

11 months left on my Tahoe lease and dont think the tires will pass when I turn the truck in next year. Is it worth it to replace them now and at least get use out of them before or take a chance and do it then? Have 20k on them now and they’re getting close to the wear indicators.

You shouldn’t drive with “bald” tires - dangerous, got nothing to do with the lease. If you anticipating to need to replace it anyway, might at well be safe. If you buy some new tires and get “free” road hazard insurance (most provide it), it should get you to your lease end without having to shell out any more $

Extended by Maz for 6 months (after 36 months) and had to replace tires ($504 out the door for “MHT” Federals - nice deal in SoCal) @ 28k miles. Hoping this is the end of the lease extension additional expenses – mental note: don’t extend lease in the future :slight_smile:

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There’s an active thread on this in this forum that might help.

You’re willing to put your life and other’s lives at risk to save money? That doesn’t seem smart

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The tires are not bald by any measure. The question is since I most likely have to replace them at lease end, it seems worthwhile to do it now and get the use out of new tires?