Replace one tire for lease return?

GLC 4wd. One tire, front right, needs to replace. Mercedez estimation is 350.

Should I replace it by myself or pay 350?

Could I just replace one tire for 4wd?

Any suggestion?

Thanks a lot.

I’ve been in the same situation before.
The rule is a set of matching tires.

By matching for them means same manufacturer and model with same speed ratings. I have never heard of them charging someone for differing tread depths.

If this is for lease return , get a used but matching tire above wear limit off of ebay . Should cost you less than $100 . If you don’t want to bother , you can buy it from anywhere brand new , you don’t have to buy from Merc.

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You can replace just one tire. Lots of threads about this if you search - including the one I shared, several recommendations on where to get a used replacement tire. You can use any local tire shop

Replaced a single one (with a used off of craigslist) for a BMW return, it was fine

You can replace a single 4wd tire? No issues with tread depth?

Ideally they should all match, and a tire with more depth can be shaved down.

Or was this specifically picking the scab about putting 2 rims and 10 tires on my WRX in 3 years?

Lol I didn’t know that. WRX’s are fun little cars.
I meant that OP specifically asked about Tread Depth and everyone said, just put on 1.
Tread depth is important to not mess up the 4WD right?

Yes ideally all 4 should match or close. I don’t know the tolerances for BMW, for Subaru they recommend within 1/32.

On my WRX I would get down to roughly 6/32 of tread and blow a tire or two, end up replacing 4 instead of shaving 1, but that was early in my lease. Most of it’s last year was spent at the body shop after a Reverend rear-ended me on my way home from giving blood (“down a pint”), and it was never the same.