Repelled by high car prices, Americans are holding on to their vehicles longer than ever

Somehow there will be an auto-related bailout after all new car loans of recent years will start to default, and keys are mailed to the financial arm.

I don’t know which side of the transaction will be bailed out - but as per the modus operandi of the government - they will bail out. To fight inflation as well.

Last time it was key for overpriced houses, and now keys for overpriced cars. This time people will hold to their 2% mortgage for dear dear life and if it mean to mail key for that $70k new truck - they will


Are you sure about this? I don’t usually sing the praises on the Bush administration; but Bush’s treasury secretary was a hardline traditional conservatist who believed market forces shouldn’t be regulated and allowed to correct themselves. Their stance was to let the banks fry and fail as they may… honestly, in hindsight… should have just done that. Let the strongest survive. The bailouts didn’t really happen until obamas treasury Secretary convinced him it was necessary to save the American people and global economy.

I think the bailout was signed by bush…Paulson giving a bunch of kickbacks. Of course Obama and every other president after him have been a disaster fiscally.

800 billion is peanuts compared to what was printed since then


Paulson was a Government Sachs/mainline guy and very much not a hardline conservative. See Too Big to Fail and read his wiki page, especially for his post government work.


Funny story they’re ALL Goldman Sachs guys


Nope. Some were allowed to fail, some were bailed out.

They essentially picked winners and losers.


Same as with covid. It was a massive corporate takeover of almost every industry. Telling people who’s business is essential and who isn’t will go down in history as one of the worst blunders america ever made. But there has been a war on small business for a long time now anyway. Very sad


But some small business owners were caught buying Lamborghinis with their PPP loans. Big banks took government money and bought stocks. Small business owners doing stupid things with government money is why they don’t get more.

Well they should have been allowed to continue conducting business and none of that would happen. Also that was the exception not the norm. Another attack on the small business class to make them look greedy when the big corporations defraud the govt and their customers all the time


I can think of a few failed (and rightfully so) regimes that hated small businesses as well.


Red fascism man. I think that’s the term for it

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No need to prevent private equity buying up houses, all the pleps will be renters soon enough, middle class is dying.


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unless you’re ordering drinks for the entire restaurant i can’t imagine how you spent that much money there for 2 people during happy hour??? its honestly boggling my mind. all respect to you if you tipped $100 on the bill though…


We’re still waiting on the LH Calc to verify rebate (happy hour,) tax, tip, and if City of Miami homeless surcharge was included or not.


Single Malt doubles get real expensive real fast.

single malt doubles aren’t on the happy hour special menu.


Probably not, usually just well stuff and discount beer no one wants but drinks anyway because it’s there.

well then what the hell is the point in going to happy hour if you’re going to do that???

You gonna say no to half price avocado toast?

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