Repair before lease return w insurance

My BMW i3 got vandalized by a homeless last weekend. Called the police and got a police report, but obviously I won’t count on the homeless to pay for the repair. Dealership quoted repair cost of $1.5k ballpark since the tailgate is all glass so it has to be replaced (let me know if you know ways to repair this scratch instead of replace).

I have comprehensive on my insurance w $1k deductible, but I figure I want to repair this before lease return since I got 13 months left on my lease. My question is - will it be a problem if file a claim w my insurance 13 months after the incidence?

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Depends on how your insurance will handle it. You can likely just get the money and repair it by yourself later.

If it were me, with such a high deductible, I’d just pay cash and not involve insurance. Although comp claims aren’t supposed to raise your rates, they’ll still hit your CLUE report, and should you get into an accident, the sum of total claims could get you cancelled, resulting in a higher premium with another company.

Get a couple estimates and go from there. You don’t have to go to the dealership body shop as long as the body shop you choose repairs to oem standards.


Couldn’t agree more. I would find an independent, reputable body shop that I am sure will charge far less than the stealership and pay for the repairs out of pocket.

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@cartoman, if dealership want $1500, some independent will prob do it for the same price as your deductible.

I wouldn’t just go to any random bodyshop. Not all BMW dealership have their own bodyshop. Find a dealer that doesn’t and ask them who they use. Then go there just in case during lease return they say it wasn’t done right. In that case you can say you went to the one recommended by BMW dealership and you will likely have some sort of recourse.


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Any good local body shop can do that job much cheaper. Call body shop explain that you are leasing not owing and you are paying out of your pocket and NOT using your insurance. Body shops have two pricing sheets, the insurance list (which is about 40% higher) and non-insurance list. I just had this done last week to my entire front bumper. The first quote was $600 until I reminded them I was paying for it (cash) and it dropped almost half ($350). Outstanding job.

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Just find a reputable independent shop (you might have to go to a few), and ask if they can buff it out first. If the scratch is only through the clear coat, you wold be amazed what a good shop can do to get it out without repainting the panel. I just went through this when my daughter swiped a cement post in a parking ramp. She was quoted by two shops to repaint the door and the third guy worked a miracle and got it out in 20 minutes while she waited, and it looked a lot worse than your damage. As others have said, always tell them you’re paying cash.

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If you can live with it I would just turn it in when the lease is done. I had a BMW that was keyed (hood of the car). The maximum change for that part was $600. I didn’t have to file a claim or pay the $1000 deductible. BMWFS could probably tell you what the charge is for that part if you call them.

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This is actually interesting, I looked at my last BMW final inspection lease return report from 2016, it states the following:


Not sure if that’s still accurate since it’s from 2016, but if it is and the tailgate is considered “one panel” then it shouldn’t exceed $400. Best to go to a BMW dealer who does lease end inspections and ask but sure beats $1000-$1500 if you can stomach looking at the scratch until you turn in the car.

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what is CLUE? 202020

It’s the insurance version of your credit report. You can get a copy if you go through LexisNexis. This is one of the factors that can be used to determine your insurance rates. It will show any claims you have had over the last several years.

CLUE stands for Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange

Hmm… that’s interesting. I will probably call the sales guy I leased from (which is not my local dealer but not too far away). Although I’m a bit of OBD about scratches/dings on my car, I probably prefer to live with it until the end of the lease. Take it to lease inspection and figure out if it would be cheaper just to have BMWFS take care of it.

Thanks for posting the sheet! I’m not seeing tailgate list there, but I figure they may have cheaper way to repair it.

Thanks for the tip! But in my case, the tailgate is tempered glass instead of regular panel (stupid design huh?), so I don’t think I can just buff it out. I’m actually thinking if I should check with a glass repair shop. I’m pretty should such scratches can be fixed if it’s on your smartphone screens, which uses similar material.

my car didn’t have a tail gate that’s probably why it’s not listed but to me it should be considered 1 panel.
I also suggest you don’t ask your sales person for the answer, that’s not his expertise. The person who does the actual lease end inspection is the one to talk to. My local dealer has one that you schedule an appointment with.

You can email them here and see if you can get them to call you:

Doesn’t have to be your local dealer since the lease inspection policy should be the same nationwide.

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If it’s glass they can repair it for $50 using the same method as a windshield repair. Won’t be perfect but it’ll probably be a lot less noticeable.

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Good idea. I’m sure about the insurance price vs cash price. My old car was rear-ended once. It wasn’t bad at all. The repair invoice I got from the body shop was $6k+ although I bought the car for only $8500 2 years before the accident. I’m sure the other driver’s insurance company didn’t pay $6k+. Probably just a way to make us feel it’s worth to pay for insurance.

Thanks for the info @305Hackr! I will try to get in contact with an lease end inspection person.

Mine was in 2009, rates could have improved since. however they do have a maximum per panel charge and it would be less to pay that than the $1000 deductible the OP has.