Remove the "preferred price" in the wanted section?


I might be in the minority on this, but the numbers that people are “looking for” are, 99% of the time, completely absurd. As a result, I, and likely others, get bombarded with crazy requests and price goals. I believe that if we eliminate that portion of the wanted section, it would better align expectations with reality.

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I think it’s there so brokers/dealers know what that user is hoping for. When they see a unrealistic price, they can just ignore that ad.


I don’t know about this. The spoon feeders see a unicorn and expect it on every car.

I think the bigger problem is expectations are simply set too high by the site in general. The newbies don’t understand programs, that they change monthly, and certain cars just have extra trunk money to make them move. All of that stuff is documented here…nobody that’s new takes the time to understand how the game works and simply sees Jimmy getting a 55k 330e for 199/mo and expects one too.


You would agree if you saw how many “can I get 20% off on a new 4 series” texts I get on a daily basis…

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Out of curiosity, do you ever look and see how long these people with the ridiculous requests have been active on the site, and if so, how many come from those < 6 mos vs > 6 mos?