Remote start + installation for $249.99 at best buy

For all those asking why 2019 BMW doesn’t have remote start, here is a good solution I hope!

Happy Holidays!

Who is saying that? I am confused.

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edited: some 2019 bmws haha


Just as a warning to anyone that install this, if anything happens to the electronics in the car and BMW believes this system was to blame, they will not warranty the affected parts.

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Double check this is compatible with newer BMWs… know the other aftermarket solution require one of the fobs to be installed with the 3rd party remote start solution.

Could someone explain the purpose / benefits of remote start?

The use cases aren’t coming immediately to mind.

It’s cold/hot out and you want it the opposite when you get into your car?


You obviously don’t live in south Florida. I can’t have a car without it. It is imperative if you don’t want get heat stroke when getting into your car after it was parked outside.

Or in the northeast when it’s -8 degrees out overnight…

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Where is the climate controlled bubble you call home?

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Los Angeles, California :slight_smile:


I live in NorCal and I still use it in summer and winter…

Personally, I would not attempt this. There was a post on Bimmerfest where someone had a professional installer (not Best Buy) install a fairly good remote start system. There were so many gremlins and quirks with it, the installer pulled it out and didn’t charge the guy. I wouldn’t mess with a finicky German car wiring if it were me.

As someone pointed out earlier, if you have an electrical problem, you’re almost guaranteed to get a decline on warranty. BMW will most likely point the finger at the aftermarket remote starter as the culprit. Good luck fighting Best Buy at that point.

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Dated anecdote (circa 2009), but Best Buy wouldn’t touch my E500 to replace my dying OEM subwoofer “for liability reasons.”

“Sir, this car doesn’t have an electrical system, it has a fiber optic network. If we make a mistake we could be out $10,000 or more to fix it.”

At the time they also wouldn’t work on any BMW 7 Series.