Remaining 2019 Mercedes Loaner and New lease deals AMG DEALS -Midwest UPDATING

New to leasehackr, We are moving our remaining 2019 new and loaner vehicles. We have a lot of very strong deals. Brand new to the site any feed back is welcome! I am a sales person here so no broker fees!

Here is the link to the various deals. I will be adding a 2019 GT63S brillant blue also this list once the Lease has been figured as well as some 2019 CLS450’s and couple other AMG’s we have on the lot. Can send any build on the list just DM me and I will get it for you! Thank you!

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You should include if these payments are before MSDs or no and any additional incentives that may apply.
Many dealers and brokers add leasehacker calculator link as well so it’s easy for a member to see the breakdown and you don’t get 100 messages each day asking details on each car.

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I couldnt get the Calculator to match the payments for what ever reason. No additional incentive, its already included in the discount unless you are a fleet customer. NO MSD’s

I think you should also include the model for each car listed

Can you please share the inventory along with model and trim?

Yes I can share the models

It probably wouldn’t hurt to actually say which manufacturer in the title. Might bring more interest…

Thought I had clicked that thank you

I would remove the link to the cars unless you work at that dealership.

I do work at that dealership

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Apologies, somehow saw broker under handle instead of dealer. That was before my morning cup of coffee.

I understand.

Please share the CLS’s :sweat_smile:

I will once i am back at the office tomorrow

Updating the Spread sheet now. Will be adding the rest of the CLS’s today and also There is a payment wavier of up to $700 on all 2019’s except for the GLA. 2019 GLA and 2020 GLA have a waiver of 500.

This list will Include the New cars we have offers on it also. I will make sure it will state new or Loaner

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Updated with the CLS and E53 AMG’s. will be adding GLC63’s and GLC43’s

Any c43 coupe?

Is this a good deal?
2020 Glc 300 awd
15k miles 36 mths.

i have a 2020 i believe