Relocating to East Coast

Audi should remove your CA monthly tax once you move and change your address with them. And there should be no NJ tax to add.

DMV is in the $300s, can vary based on class of vehicle and weight.

I wouldn’t be so enthusiastic about Adams as his own captain union didn’t endorse him which says all I need to know about him. He’s always been on the side of criminals fighting “the system” in his law enforcement career so no reason to believe he will be good for public safety at this point. NY has gone to far in catering to criminals lately.


Thanks for confirmation and the info on dmv fees.

I guess it’s a different story if I moved to a NY neighborhood.

It was a joke obviously. Let’s not start a political discussion

If you have not signed anything talk to a broker who knows both JC and Wkn. I can recommend one.

If the plans change soon, I’ll definitely hit you up for a referral.

Not just leasehackr for cars, but RentHackr for apartments as well :shushing_face::hot_face::thinking::smiling_imp::imp::sob::triumph:

We are in Hoboken and leaving our apt (rental) in a few weeks to move to the burbs. Uptown, close to ferry, and the building has a bunch of amenities and a garage in the building.

If interested, send me a PM :slight_smile:

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If things don’t work out with my current application, I can ping you to chat more about it.

Hell yes. Parking is rough so expect your bumper to get pretty scratched up.

Same with san francisco. I can always tell a client lives in the city by the bumpers on 2-3 year old trade ins.

You’re responding to a post from 10 months ago? OP’s bumper is fully scratched and dented by now.

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