Relocating to East Coast

Good afternoon fellow hackers,

I recently accepted a role with a company that requires me to relocate to NYC from SoCal.

As many of you are living in tri state area, I have couple of questions that you may already have the answers for.

I’ll be living in Weehawken, NJ and commute to SoHo couple times a week. I know a lot of people recommends public transit, but I’m very attached to my car (as a lot of people in CA) and am fine to bear reasonable amount of tunnel and parking costs most likely.

  • First, which EzPass I should sign up for?
  • Second, I currently lease an etron, and wondering what kind of benefits that I can utilize (tolls, sales tax etc.)?
  • Should I be aware of any peak/non-peak hours that I can take advantage of discounted rates?
  • When I was visiting NYC, saw a lot of people use bumper guards, are there really a lot of bumper hits happening?

Thanks in advance for any recommendations you may have!

Congrats - Are you selling your house and buying one here? The market is tough.

Thank you! I’m selling my house in CA, and will be renting one over there. It’s a wild market, and thinking to stay at a rental until it normalizes a bit.


NY EZ-pass for EV’s is almost joke, as it gives discount only at off-peak hours. And for Port Authority peak hours are very broad, so I even didn’t bother to sign up for that. Parking in Soho would be around 20-25$ if you book with apps and all that crazy traffic, imho it is not worth it. I ended up using ferry from Weehawken which is quite fast and pleasant ride.

Peak Hours

Weekdays: 6-10 a.m., 4-8 p.m.

Sat. & Sun.: 11 a.m.-9 p.m

Thanks for the reply. I’ll be living 2 mins walking distance from the ferry station actually, but the round trip cost of the ferry is almost the same as parking cost.

I also think about taking the light rail + path + subway, which also seems to be costly.

I know the traffic is very painful :triumph: but those winter days will be tough without a car.

Yep, it all depends on situation, for me work reimburses public transit costs, but not parking and I live not in Weehawken, so I was driving to ferry garage and then taking ferry (essentially free). But for you except of parking also add tunnel cost 13.75. And believe me, I’m also pro car guy and I hate NYC public transport, but found that ferry is pretty quick and more pleasant experience then subway…

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You are in about the best position of anybody in the US to use public transport, several good options already mentioned. The idea of driving through the Lincoln Tunnel, even on a day without accidents/breakdowns etc is something you will get over once you do it for a month or so.


#128 Bus to NYC from Weehawken is about $107 a month if I’m not mistaken. Just saying…

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$358.50 a month from Port Imperial to Wall Street. Driving by tunnel should be about $300 a month in tolls alone, not including gas and parking costs. How much are you planning on paying for parking?

Edit: I see it’s only a couple of times a week so that does change things a bit. I’d give the bus and train a shot at first before you do anything else, see how that goes.

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+1 Definitely give the Bus/Subway a try first before jumping in and commuting by car. The amount of time you’ll spend in the Lincoln tunnel is alot.

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At least by bus you can just sit and relax and you’re paying 7.00 round trip instead of 14.


You can still keep the car that you are attached to and take public transit😎

I wouldn’t bother with the bumper bras

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Well hopefully the building they are in has parking… if they are that close to the ferry I’d imagine that’s a possibility?

Thank you everyone for the recommendations. Seems like at some point in the very near future I have to get used to public transport.

I do have parking options in the apartment, of course with a fee, regular or EV spot. I guess paying extra $50 for the EV spot will be moot.

Just live in NYC. We are working on the murder problem, and a cop will be mayor in a few short months.


That was the plan, I couldn’t find something at least close to ideal, or it was not financially reasonable.

Don’t drive your car into the city for any reason, not worth it at allllll.

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Correct answer.

Use the car for off-peak usage. I was in the city last night from 7-10 ish last night. It was a breeze getting in & out. But I wouldn’t recommend commuting by car for work. 100% would not recommend.

Have you already signed in Weehawken? Slightly odd choice for someone working downtown and considering the PATH. Much better off living within walking distance to the path in JC; I do not recommend Hoboken.

I checked JC, tried to connect with couple apartments and no response. I guess it’s a very high demand city.

The reason we chose this specific apartment was that it’s new and they do future date lease up to 60 days. I was in town last week and wanted to have something signed before I leave. I was verbally told my application was accepted but haven’t received any written confirmation yet.

Since NJ doesn’t tax EVs, does it mean that Audi will remove tax from my monthly lease payment?

Also, should I expect to pay a hefty dmv bill in state transfer?